Cleansing Breath Oil Roller


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Cleansing Breath 

Oil Blend


Eucalyptus– often used to treat respiratory ailments, eucalyptus essential oil promotes general Health and purification. Let the scent of eucalyptus refresh you as you inhale.

Lavender – One of the most researched essential oils available,lavender has been used by humans for thousands of years for it’s calming, relaxing and centering abilities.

Lemongrass – the cleansing scent of lemongrass promotes purification, protection and intuition.

Quartz Crystal – Purified in the beams of the full moon. This crystal amplifies whatever energies itreceives. May it serve to help you purify, protect, meditate and manifest.

Other Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil

All of my bodycare products are handmade from high quality ingredients selected for specific benefits. Essential oils are diluted to 2% for safe and healthy use.


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